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social pharma provides information and analysis on developments and strategies influencing the interaction between patients and pharma

patient centricity

'Patient centricity' has become a broadly accepted term, most often used to describe the efforts of pharma companies to better connect with the patient and understand their needs and wants...at least that is what marketers will tell you! 

Patient centricity has become quite a bit more than the above though. The term's meaning has developed and is now used to describe the change in philosophy and approach to drug development and marketing, exhibited by pharma companies who want to develop products that 'fit the needs of the customer (patient)'. What this implies is that pharma companies are now forced to develop products that meet the patient's needs in a way that a payor (either the state, a private insurance company or the individual) would happily pay for them...and they have to be thinking about these things quite early on in the drug development process.

Pharma companies have understood that patient centricity is something that is not achieved overnight and that it has to be transpiring throughout all company's operations, rather than just the commercial / marketing side of things. The expectation is therefore that when that new molecule is discovered, a patient-centric approach will be implemented. This broadly means that the company will initiate interactions with patients, treating physicians, payors and the general community, quite early on in the asset's development cycle. This is done in order for the pharma company to identify the most appropriate indication(s) and target population(s) for its asset and also in order to map out the most promising path to a healthy revenue stream; after all, the bottom line is very important to any company. The patients, on the other side, benefit from affordable products that are designed and developed to tackle the specific issues faced by them within their disease setting.

In an attempt to become profitable, pharma companies are redefining their paths to growth by streamlining their pipelines, refocusing their research on growing therapy areas and getting more deeply involved in understanding local market access. Companies who will be smart enough to take advantage of this redesign process and introduce patient-centric elements within their new state, will benefit the most.

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